A Rare Find!
Now You Can Add Pictures to Projects Without Unsightly Knots! 
Both Sides Finished!

Any Graphed Pattern Can Be Used

Have you ever been out shopping and just happened on the perfect gift that you know the recipient will cherish for years?

Then you'll appreciate our excitement at finding these two books-- when we saw them we knew immediately that you would love them!

They're absolute gems--why? Because they solve the age-old problem faced by knitters and crocheters everywhere--how to add new colors without adding unsightly knots!

Now you can create a gorgeous afghan with an intricate design that's totally reversible! Never again will your work have a "bad side"!

Now you can add patterns without using embroidery, cross-stitch or applique!

Now you can easily add any counted cross-stitch or needlework pattern to your designs. Try entering these in your next county fair--the judges will be so amazed that you're a shoe-in for the blue ribbon.

CroPoint is simple and easy to learn. Anyone who knows how to single and double crochet can pick up this technique quickly and open the door to an exciting, new world of creative opportunities.

Either one of these books is sure to become a classic in your personal crafting library.

CroPoint Book: crochet patterns, crochet book, kntting, knit, knitters, croshay, crocheter, patterns, booksIntroducing CroPointTM:The Sensational New Technique That Adapts Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch to Crochet

This revolutionary book teaches how to crochet using "waffles", groups of stitches that comprise a square, allowing you to use any graphed pattern as the basis for a project. A key feature of this technique is that new colors are added with no unsightly knots, so there's never a "bad" side to your work.
 This book contains full CroPoint instructions plus 7 patterns: 3 starter hotpads, a Holly Place Mat, a Rose Place Mat, a gorgeous 48 x 72" Rose Afghan, and a stunning 48 x 72" Cougar that can be used as an Afghan or Wall Hanging.

Order #: HP-2791              
Price: $7.95 

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Grampy Doodles Book, crochet, books, yarn, craft, crochet patterns, knitting, knit, knitters, patterns, booksGrampy Doodles:Using CroPoint to Create You Own Afghans

This unique book also teaches the basics of CroPoint, then applies it to the creation of traditional granny squares. Granny squares are small squares designed to add color to designs and use up scraps of yarn. But with CroPoint, designs can range from simple to intricate and the squares don't need to be sewn together in the end!

 With Grampy Doodles, the geometric variations in patterns can be as endless as the color combination. An afghan can be made with a series of identical motifs, or a complete rainbow of colors and patterns can be used.

This book contains full CroPoint instructions plus patterns for 2 full-size afghans, including 97 different geometric designs. Originally published in the mid-1980's the colors are a bit garish by today's standards, but can easily be substituted with colors to match your home decor.

Order #: HP-2788           
Price: $7.95

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