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Knittingnews - February

Mohair Shawl

Knitting News


In This Issue:
Free Patterns – Mohair Wrap
New Stitch - Making a Bobble
Knitting In History – Fair Isle Knit Sweater

The weather this year has been so crazy; that it's been tough to figure out what would be appropriate to wear from one day to the next. For example, I had no dressy jacket to wear to an anniversary dinner this past week. But the best part of being a knitter is that you always have a chance of making that perfect match to your outfit. I came up with the following pattern out of necessity. It is the perfect wrap for a dressy spring wedding or the prom.   

Mohair Wrap

This wispy spring stole is perfect for any dressy dinner, luncheon, or fancy prom. It works up fast and lacy on large needles. If you cannot find mohair, you can use a fancy worsted weight yarn.

Approx. size 18 " x 54" (not including fringe)
Gauge: 3 stitches x 3 rows = 1 square inch

Supplies needed:
US size 13 (9mm.) needles
2 skeins of mohair or mohair blend in a worsted weight
Any size crochet needle or latch hook (rug) for fringe

ST = stitches
P = purl
K = knit
CO = cast on
BO = bind off


Row 1: K all. Row 2: P all. Row 3 K all. Row 4: P all. Row 5: K all STS wrapping yarn around the needle 3 times, instead of once. Row 6: P 1st ST, drop next 2 STS off left needle

Making a long loop. Repeat to the end.

Repeat rows 2 through 6 until piece measures about 52"

Next row: P all STS. Next row: K all STS. Next row: P all STS. Last row: BO in K.

Block into a rectangle.

Fringe: (This is optional) cut 90 pieces of yarn into 11" lengths

Fold each in half. Pull fold through each CO and BO ST with crochet needle or latch hook.

Pull ends through the loop and tighten loosely.

Did you see the photo above? Yes, it is me, Kathy, all dressed up!


Most of us have learned to knit from our mothers or grandmothers. A great way to honor your mother is to teach someone new to knitting. Knitting is the perfect not-so modern craft. What else is so portable as two sticks and a string? And the best part is that you never make a permanent mistake in knitting - you just unravel.

Spring will arrive here in Long Island in just a few months. I don't know who enjoys it more, the kids or myself. They know the warmer weather means many trips to the parks and the beaches. I enjoy all the yard sales that start to appear more often. I love to find a yard sale of a fellow crafter. I usually can find lots of neat stuff. My daughter loves when I take her with me. She feels so grown up helping me sort through the items. I always have odd stuff in my crafting baskets.

I have been cleaning and sorting my stuff for a few weeks now. It makes me feel so good to be able to organize my things, and what better time to do so than the present! Keep sorting out your stash of leftovers. It is a task to thin things out, without throwing them out, but the reward of knowing exactly what I have and where it is makes it makes it all worthwhile!


Learn a new stitch

Making a bobble

These round bumpy stitches are perfect for fun children's sweaters, blankets, mittens, or anything you could imagine. You could also use them to dress up an adult's fisherman sweater , or clump them together to look like grapes on a pillow top

There are many versions. The following is my personal favorite:

Row 1: K 5. Row 2: P 5. Row 3: K2, K in front, back, then front of next ST, Turn and P These 3 STS. Turn and K the 3 STS together, K the remaining 2 STS. Row 4: P 5


History of Knitting

The Fair Isle knit sweater is beautifully patterned. This intricately banded sweater has been made for hundreds of years and made popular in the 1920's. They are still very much sought after. The genuine Fair Isle sweater is still being handmade in Fair Isle, Scotland by a cooperative of knitters. Their bold colors are made from plants found on the island. It takes a skilled knitter about 100 hours to complete a sweater. The traditional colors used are red, blue, brown, yellow, and white. The most popular at this time are patterns made in natural, undyed wool colors of fawn, brown, gray and white. Each sweater is knit in the round, from the collar down, in one piece. Often each band is made in a different pattern to show off the expertise of the knitter. The use of two colors in each band made for a warmer sweater, much needed in the rough terrain of their wonderful island. To this day there are only about 70 people still living on this island. They support themselves with the tourist business and their expertly made crafts.

Reference: The Fair Isle Arts and Crafts Council


Exciting News From Craftfinder

Have you ever had that extra boost of time and energy, and felt like you wanted to start a knitting project right away, only to remember that you don't have a pattern to work from? I know this has happened to me on more than one occasion. That is why I am so happy to announce that for your convenience Craftfinder is now offering instant downloads on both their American Girl and Bitty Baby Patterns! How convenient and time saving this is for us all! Just order a pattern online, instantly download it, and start knitting!

To Buy It Now and Knit It Today, just check out the following links to see the wonderful selection of products Craftfinder has to offer you:

American Girl Patterns
New American Girl Patterns
Bitty Baby Patterns
New Bitty Baby Patterns

If you are comfortable downloading files from the internet, we encourage you to give it a try! Not only does it save time, it's convenient too. And you don't even have to pay shipping and handling charges. Happy knitting tonight!

Lastly, a special thanks to all of you who sent me wonderful e-mail. I love to hear your stories and find out what you are working on! Please keep them coming! 



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