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Knittingnews - July 31

Knittingnews July Newsletter


In This Issue:
Free Patterns: Baby Booties
           Specialty Yarn Scarf
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Hi, summer is going strong. The weather is great. We are now in the whirlwind of trying to have as much fun as we can in the summer that we have left! We always seem to try to fit in as much as we can.  We also have to save time for enjoying our surroundings and a little downtime, too.

I also did my first craft showing and I'm happy to report, it went very well. I gave out many business cards and got a few orders. I hope that you craft fair people out there do even better than I. I am a craft fair beginner, so I'm still a little confused about pricing my work. There are many books on this subject, but somehow they seem to give conflicting advice. I will be attending more fairs this summer, to see if anyone has similar products to mine, and to get pricing ideas.  If you are an experienced craft show knitter, please email me and share your experiences with us.

Thanks for all your e-mail. I just love to hear about what you are working on. I got a lot of e-mail about the baby sets that I make and I have included this month my favorite bootie pattern. It was originally a pattern that I found from a yarn company. It had many errors in it, and the design on the ankle was awful.

I spent a lot of time ripping out until I got the desired effect. I have created a matching hat and sweater. I will be offering the whole pattern through after I finish designing a matching blanket. Start knitting now and your grandchild will have a beautiful gift from grandma.

All babies should know everyday that they are loved with a handmade gift. This is a great gift for a new baby! The new parents will be reaching for them all the time. If you like them, please go to to purchase the matching set and make a real impressive gift for a wonderful new baby. It works up fast and easy.


Supplies needed: 48" of " yellow ribbon, size 5(3.25 mm.) needles,
skein of yellow baby pompadour yarn, and tapestry needle.

Make 2.

Start at Top:
CO 37 STS, and STKST 4 rows.
Next row: K2, * YFON, K2TG *, RPT to last ST, K1, and then P next row.
STKST next 4 rows,
Next row: K6, * YFON, S1, K1, PSSO, K6 *, RPT to last 5 STS, K5.
Next row: P all STS.
Next row: K4, * K2TG, YFON, K1, YFON, S1, K1, PSSO, K3 *, RPT to end.
Next row: P all STS.
Next row: K6, * YFON, S1, K1, PSSO, K6 *, RPT to last 5 STS, K5.
Next row: P all STS.
STKST next 4 rows.
Next row: K2, * YFON, K2TG *, RPT to last ST, K1, and then P next row.

Divide for Instep:
K 24 STS, turn work, P 11 STS, Turn work over.
Work middle 11 STS for 12 more rows, keeping other STS on needles.
Break yarn, and turn piece to right side (K side of STKST).
Knit across picking up 9 STS on 1st side of instep and 11 STS on 2nd side of instep (57 STS).
Work 7 rows of STKST, starting with a P row.

Sole Shaping:
Row 1: K1, K2TG, K20, K2TG, K7, K2TG, K20, K2TG, K1.
Row 2 and all even rows: K all STS.
Row 3: K1, K2TG, K18, K2TG, K7, K2TG, K18, K2TG, K1.
Row 5: K1, K2TG, K16, K2TG, K7, K2TG, K16, K2TG, K1.
Row 7: K1, K2TG, K14, K2TG, K7, K2TG, K14, K2TG, K1.
Row 8: Bo in P.

Finishing: Weave in all ends. Sew bootie down the side and across sole. Cut ribbon into 2- 24" pieces.
Thread through YON openings at ankle, tying into a bow at the front.

I love the holidays but I hate shopping for the holidays! Each year I keep promising myself that I will not wait till the last minute, like last year. But just like all my New Year's resolutions to lose weight, this plan always gets forgotten until the holidays roll on in. I have always wished for my home to look like the ones that they feature in all those magazines. You must have seen them, also. The family is dressed in matching handmade outfits. The children are nice and clean. The beautiful tree is all decked out in handmade cookie ornaments. There is a table filled with wonderfully decorated pies and cakes. The mom relaxes by the fireplace. Everyone is looking at all the wrapped presents with hand printed -paper. This fantasy has been a goal of mine for a while. It's one that will never occur. The reality is I'm usually still wrapping on December 24th, hoping that I didn't forget anything. This year is going to be different………


I promised a pattern this month made out of a specialty yarn and here it is. This is a great simple and quick pattern for a scarf made out of Lion Brand Homespun. You can also use and beautiful chunky yarn that you have. The gauge is 5 STS to 2" on size 10 (6mm.) needles. This is a perfect take-along project and perfect to put away as a holiday gift. Start now and you will have plenty to give!!


Size about: 11 " x 65" for regular, and about 10" x 55" for petite.

You will need: 1 skeins of bulky yarn (about 200 meters), size US 10 (6mm.) needles, and a tapestry needle.

CO 33 STS (27 STS for petite), Work in garter stitch (K all rows).
Continue until about 65" (55" for petite), and then BO K-wise.

Finishing: Weave in all ends. Wrap for holidays.


Thanks for all your great ideas on how to use up all that extra yarn lying about.  Please keep all those e-mails coming. I really enjoy reading them. Readers sent these following ideas:

From Lynn: She makes cat toys out of leftover yarn, and then stuffs them with dried catnip. The cats don't care about the shapes or colors!

From Gerry: She suggests gifting leftover yarn to the ladies in your local nursing home. They still may love to knit and crochet, but may not have the resources for yarn.

From Elaine: She started using leftover bits from her stash when she ran out of twine. I bet she has the best-looking tomato plants in the area.

From Betty: She knits stocking caps for homeless people. The ladies in her church also crochet lap blankets for a nursing home.

What great ways to thin out your leftovers! Please keep the ideas coming. I will be sure to include them in the next letter! Send ideas to:


I get a lot of e-mail asking for advice and I don't have a lot of room to print it all. I will give highlights of some of the solutions in this newsletter. I will still continue to answer all my e-mail personally, so all of you who have written will get possible solutions. If you have any questions or are looking for something let me know. Send you questions to:


For those who have problems with your hands, try some flexible needles. If you can't find them in your local store go to Http:// They have both Clover and Noble brands (flex or Jumper) needles.

If your problem is with grip, try using a longer needle and wrapping the handle with some wire or pipe insulation. It's available at your local hardware store.

I love collecting lots of wonderful patterns. When I go to use them with a great yarn I found, I find them incompatible. There is a great tool for this dilemma call Calc-o-knit. It helps convert the pattern to the yarn you love available at Http://

If you are looking for fingering weight yarn in colors other than baby colors, go to Http://

They have a large variety of brands and colors.


Well I hoped you enjoyed this newsletter. I certainly enjoyed writing it. Please keep your ideas and e-mail coming as I wish to make this YOUR newsletter, not just me talking about myself. Let me know what you are working on, what you like to do, or even what you don't wish to see here. Thank you, have a great summer. Stay cool and safe!

Peace and love. 

To sign up for this unique newsletter, simply send an email to

 We look forward to having you join our ever-increasing group of satisfied subscribers.

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