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June 24 Knittingnews

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Knittingnews - June 24

Knitting News


In This Issue:
Cleaning Up The Knitting Stashes
Copying Patterns
Free Patterns – Drink Coasters
            I Cord Ladybug 
            Bumble Bee Accent
New Stitch -   Lazy daisy stitch
            Blanket Stitch:

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 Hi, everyone!  I have had a busy month. This house has been a flurry of commotion. My husband has been busy at work. My sinuses have been fixed. I have almost finished spring-cleaning. This will probably be ongoing for about another month because my preschooler, Elizabeth, and toddler, Mikey, love to help. It seems to take me three times as long when I receive help. I just keep reminding myself that all this will pay off in the end with self-sufficient children later on. Now it's just plain hard.

 It's also time to thin out the clothes and other stuff left untouched since I have no idea, do you?  These rules apply to my craft stuff. I can't speak for you, but I have lots of things bought with great intentions. All those items on sale. I can never pass a clearance bin without peering in. I always end up with lots of stuff with the bold thoughts of I will find something to make cheaply out of felt, yarn, wiggle eyes.There is too much to list.

 I have dedicated this particular newsletter to the thinning out of stuff in my crafting bookcase, my crafting closet, the stuff in the garage, and the hidden stash under the coffee tables in my den. I figure if we get rid of it now, we can stock up on all the great new products to start making holiday gifts. You know all the summer sales are coming up soon.

Hopefully you will be able to use some of these ideas for the summer bazaars and craft sales that some of you have mentioned.

Happy knitting,


  Most of these ideas will be old to some of the more seasoned knitters, and I am apologizing ahead of time for that. Please, expert knitters send me your ideas. I love to learn new things.  This is a craft that you can never stop learning. I would love to print them, so we can all share your ideas. Even if you are not an expert feel free to share.

 So pour a cup of tea and knit with me.


Very Simple Non-knitting Ideas on Stash Reduction

  • Use stray pieces of beautiful yarn for package ties
  • Cut extra yarn for stuffing toys or small pillows
  • Place small pieces of bright yarns out by the birdfeeder for the most stylish nests in the neighborhood
  • If you have small children (or grandchildren) have them decorate their special drawings with flocking.  Cut yarn into small tufts. Apply white glue to drawing and have child stick the tufts into the glue. It kept both of my kids happy for an hour on a rainy day! Here's a picture of Elizabeth's work:
  • Use small pieces for embroidery embellishment on simple knits
  • Make decorative tassels and pompoms
  • Make I-cord for extra embellishment
  • Make hair clips
  • Refrigerator magnets work up fast
  • Sachets
  • Small key fobs
  • Make a special luggage tag in bright yarns. I can see my suitcase from across the tarmac.
  • Use extra yarn for tipped sweaters or socks. They are in many catalogs now with high contrast colors.
  • Bookmarks
  • Doll clothes
  • Potholders
  • Drink coasters

Did I forget anything? I know I did. Email me with more and let us know what you do with all your leftovers and yarn orphans.


The following is an open letter to Anne

I would have emailed you back but I think there was a problem with your server.

Here it goes.

It's great to hear from you. I think I can solve your problem. You don't have to copy and recopy pictures onto graph paper to convert your design into stitches. You can also get it in Scotland! There is a motif maker for the computer called stitch and motif maker. I have never used it myself, but it is available through a web-site I have ordered with them before and they are very reliable. I have used pixel-stitch. It is a great pattern maker for cross-stitch and will work with simple artwork. You can even download photos for beautiful effects. has it. Please be careful not to use any copyright material without permission.

 If all this fails you can always go the low-tech route. Use an old designers standby. Take your graph paper and photocopy it onto thin plastic overlay, the kind that you use for overhead projectors. Most photocopy or office supply stores can do this for you. Take the overlay and tape it onto your design. You have to work out the stitches yourself, but it does work in a pinch.

Keep knitting and let all those ladies that you work with know that I will be thinking of them.

Love and peace. Kathy


Free Patterns

This is a perfect way to rid your stash of extras as well as have a hostess gift on hand. It would be great to make several in different citrus shades and wrap in a ribbon. If you are in the US, how about a set of red, white and blues to bring to a barbeque.

Drink Coaster

Approx. size 4 x 4 inches

Made with a DK 100% cotton yarn and size 5 US (3.75 mm.) needle
1 oz. of yarn makes about 8 coasters.
Also needed: tapestry needle, two Stitch markers
Gauge:  5 STS = 1", 7 rows = 1"

K = knit
P = purl
STS = stitches
CO = cast on
BO = bind off

Stitches used: stockinet stitch: K all odd numbered rows, P all even rows. Seed stitch: K1, P1, RPT to end, all following rows, K the P STS, P the K STS.
CO 24 STS. Work in seed stitch for 4 rows. On the next row continue seed stitch
For 4 STS, place a marker, K 16 STS, place the 2nd marker continue in seed stitch
For last 4 STS. Continue working both sides in seed ST,
the center in stockinet ST, until piece measures 3 "
from CO edge. Remove markers. 
Work 4 rows in seed St then BO in pattern.
Weave in ends and block into a square.


Free Pattern

For all of the knitters getting ready for craft fairs, these are for you. I made them for my daughter and now I have to coordinate her outfits with her hairclips.

I cord ladybug 

Perfect for barrette or sweater embellishment
Gauge doesn't matter!

Needed: I cord spool or double pointed needles, a tapestry needle, small amounts of red and black yarn, two wiggle eyes. If making a barrette you will also need a plastic barrette and a hot glue gun.

I used worsted weight red and black yarn and size 3 US (3.75 mm.) double pointed needles.

I cord spool instructions:
Start with red. Work 8 rounds in red, and then break red. Start black and work 4 rounds in black.BO.  Go to FINISHING.

Double pointed instructions:
If you use smaller than a size 6 US needle CO 6 STS, if you use size 6 or larger CO 4 STS.  CO with red and work 8 rounds, then break red. Work 4 rounds in black then BO. Go to FINISHING.

Draw all yarn ends into center. Make 6 spots on the red part by drawing black yarn through the red section so both ends are close together. Make a square knot and cut yarn ends close to knot. Glue wiggle eyes onto black section (use white yarn if being placed on a garment).

If making a barrette, hot glue to barrette. If adding to a garment, sew into place.


Bumble Bee Accent

It is made the same way as ladybug.

You will need yellow, white, and black yarn in very small amounts.

Start with yellow and work 2 rounds. Do not break yarn; keep it in the center of the work. Pick up black and work 1 round. Work 2 rounds of yellow then 1 round of black. Work 2 rounds of yellow. Break yellow yarn. Lastly work 4 rounds black then BO.

Glue wiggle eyes on black section (use white yarn knots if being placed on a garment) If being used as a barrette, glue white yarn onto barrette making loops for wings about 2 " long on each side. Glue bee onto top. If being used on a garment, sew bee on, then make lazy daisy loops for wings. Lazy daisy instructions below.


Learn a New Stitch

Embroidery stitches can

  • Liven up a plain sweater, pillow, or placemat. 
  • Dress up a plain cardigan with lots of flowers along the edges.
  • Edge a placemat or coaster with blanket-stitching for a new look.

Lazy daisy stitch:

This oval stitch can be made any size. The length of the stitch will be points 1 and 2.

Pull yarn through the back of work using a tapestry needle at point 1. Make a loop and pull needle down through point 1 and up through point 2. Place yarn loop under needle at point 2 and pull needle down though point 2.





Blanket Stitch:

This stitch is made over edges to add interest. It is best when used with a highly contrasting color. The blanket stitch looks great on blankets and at sweater edges. It is very important to keep your stitches even. Pull needle through back make a loop and pull needle through the front catch yarn through the loop, make another loop, repeat.

The future of knitting

I love shopping and the clothes I see just make me want to pick up my needles and go! The specialty yarns available now are luxurious as well as strong. It is easier now than ever to duplicate the sweaters shown in catalogues. Simple shapes in bright colors are found in all the stores. Use some of your favorite patterns and knit them in citrus shades for the newest looks.

 Next month I will feature an item made from a novelty yarn. I will also start featuring Christmas gift items. I always take so long to finish a project, if I start now I have a chance of finishing a few large Christmas presents in time to wrap them. Let me know if there is something special you are looking for. If I can't find it, maybe another reader can help.

Thank you 

Email with any questions or comments

Keep well and keep knitting
Love and Peace,

To sign up for this unique newsletter, simply send an email to

 We look forward to having you join our ever-increasing group of satisfied subscribers.

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