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March 31 Knittingnews

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Knittingnews - March 31

March 31, 2001 Issue

In This Issue:

Free Patterns:  2nd Square
Purple Purses
History of Knitting - Alpaca
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I hope everyone's ready for springtime!  I certainly am! But with spring's blustery days and business we also have a great time to knit!  After all, that stuff will still be there tomorrow, why do today what you can put off to later!  Things have been an emotional roller coaster for my family so far this year.  I found out that I am having a baby girl in April (actually any day now if the technician is correct), and I also found out my mom's cancer is inoperable.  Our family is finding a way to deal with all this news as best as we can.  The good news is I got so much finished this month: 4 sweaters and some charity knitting.  Knitting is always a great outlet for my stress!


Announcement! is proud to announce the new release of 9 new American Girl Doll patterns and 4 new Bitty Baby Doll Patterns from a hot new designer, Annetjie Henrico of South Africa.  If you've got a fan of dolls anywhere in your life, you've got to check out these new, attractive patterns!

New American Girl Patterns:

New Bitty Baby Patterns:



The next square in the series is a heart pattern square.  If you missed the first square in this series, please go to:  for the previous newsletter.  This square can be done in cotton for a great washcloth or acrylic for a pillow topper or afghan.  This pattern seems a lot more complicated than it really is.  It will require a lot of row counting.  If you put your work down frequently, I would suggest using a row counter or a piece of scrap paper to help keep track.

Supplies needed:

Size 8 (mm.) needles, worsted weight yarn in your choice of color (I chose peach), 2 stitch markers, and a tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

CO = cast on, BO = bind off, P = purl, K = knit, STS = stitches
* RPT = repeat pattern between the * *.

CO 43 STS,
Row 1: K 1, P 1, Repeat to last ST, K 1.
Row 2 to 4: K the P STS, P the K STS.
Place stitch markers after 3rd ST and before the last 3 STS
You will continue the above pattern on these 6 STS to create a border.
Row 5: Between markers, K all STS
Row 6: Between markers, P all STS

Main pattern:
Row 1: K2, P4, K1, *P11, K1 *, Rpt to last 6 STS, P4, K2
Row 2: P2, K3, *K9, P3 *, RPT to last 5 STS, K3, P2
Row 3: K2, P3, *P9, K3 *, RPT to last 5 STS, P3, K3
Row 4: P2, K2, P5, *K7, P5 *, RPT to last 4 STS, K2, P2
Row 5: K2, P1, K7, * P5, K7 *, RPT to last 3 STS, P1, K2
Row 6: P11, * K3, P9 *, RPT to last 2 STS, P2
Row 7: K11, * P3, K9 *, RPT to last 2 STS, K2
Row 8: same as Row 6
Row 9: K6, P1, * K4, P3, K4, P1 *, Rpt to last 6 STS, K6
Row 10: P2, K1, P2, K3, P2, * K2, P1, K2, P2, K3, P2 *, RPT To last 3 STS, K1, P2
Row 11: K2, P10, * K1, P11 *, RPT to last 13 STS, K1, P10, K2
Row 12: same as Row 7
Row 13: same as Row 6
Row 14: same as Row 5
Row 15: same as Row 4
Row 16: same as Row 3
Row 17: same as Row 2
Row 18: same as Row 3
Row 19: K5, P3, * K4, P1, K4, P3 *, Rpt to last 5 STS, K5
Row 20: P4, K2, P1, K2, *P2, K3, P2, K2, P1, K2 *, Rpt to last 4 STS, P4
Rpt rows 1 to 20 another time, then Rpt only rows 1 to 10.
You will see 5 rows of hearts.

Next Row, between markers K all STS
Then Next Row, between markers P all STS
Remove markers
Continue seed stitch pattern of K1, P1 for the next 4 rows
BO all STS
Wash and block to 12" square.


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Check it out today!



The Alpaca

There is a wonderful new yarn that has an ancient history, alpaca yarn.  This yarn is being seen in stores and ready-to-wear designs as the new trend. It actually has been used in South America for thousands of years.  The yarn is spun from the wool of the alpaca, a close relative of the llama and the camel.

It was domesticated over 6,000 years ago and is still highly prized for its abundant, fine fiber and its gentle nature. The alpaca are a herd animal, doing better with company of its own kind. It has a gentle nature making it easy to handle.  When handled early in childhood (kidhood? Alpacahood?) by humans, it becomes a wonderful pet.  Their coat is shorn each spring as a sheep and comes in a beautiful range of colors. The fiber is naturally wavy and is stronger than wool and as soft as cashmere.  The wool can be spun without any chemical treatment.

I had the pleasure of seeing several alpaca up close at a rescue zoo this past summer.  It looks like a compact llama, with the sweetest liquid eyes.  I got to ask the handler all about them.  She let me know that they are as sweet in nature as they appear to be.  They are quiet and make humming sounds when they are happy.  The only problem that she ever had with the alpacas was the way they licked her on the top of her head to get her attention!

If you have a lot of room for some exotic pets and you have a spinning wheel that you love to use, this may be something to look into.  They are highly adaptable to most of North and South America.

Even if alpaca raising is not in your future, plan a visit to see these amazing creatures.

More information is available at:



Pendant Purse

  This cute little purse is worn as a necklace.  I made it out of worsted weight chenille yarn to wear for evening, but any worsted weight will do.  It uses a very small amount of yarn, so splurge a little on a fancy one.  I have shown it in two sizes the directions are for the larger size (with adjustments for the smaller one in parentheses).

Supplies needed:  About oz or 20grams (1/2 oz or 15 grams) of worsted weight yarn, size 6 US (4mm.) needles, scrap piece of cardboard, crochet hook size I9 (5.5mm.) or a decorative chain about 38" to use as a strap, and a Tapestry needle.

These directions will make a pendant purse around 4" square (2" square).

Cast on 16 (8) stitches and work in stockinet stitch, by knitting the right side and purling the wrong side.  Work even until piece measures 12" (6").  Bind off all stitches.  Weave in loose ends.

Make 5 (3) tassels.  Cut the cardboard into a guide by making it 1 " wide.

Place an 8" piece of yarn across the top of the guide.  Wrap the yarn around the guide and yarn 6 times.  Tie the wrap with the 8" piece and cut the bottom loops.  Cinch the yarn together about " below the knot.

Make a strap about 38" long by using the crochet hook and a simple chain stitch, if you wish you may also use a purchased decorative cord, or old jewelry chain.

Place piece knit side down and cast on edge on the bottom.  Fold up last 4" (2") sew the sides.  Attach strap or chain to either side of purse.  Attach the tassels along the cast off edge.  This edge is the front flap, fold it down.

Wear this pendant purse as you would a necklace. It is perfect for when you wish to leave your pocketbook at home.



For alpaca yarns and goods:

For alpaca yarns and finished goods:

For beautiful alpaca yarns and other types of yarns:


 Thank you everyone for inviting me into your home via email.  I loved receiving your mail and hope to answer each one individually. Thank you for your patience, as many of you know it sometimes takes me a while!

Love and peace
Kathy Gallagher
Email at: 

To sign up for this unique newsletter, simply send an email to

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