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May 9, Knittingnews

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Mother's Day Special
Knittingnews - May 9

Happy Mother's Day to All Our Readers!

I hope all of you get to spend your special day surrounded by loved ones (and yarn, too!)

We survived another remodel on our house. One more room is finished, five more to go. Good thing I stayed organized, otherwise I would have lost my mind. Yes, I am sticking with Deniece Schofield's organizing plan that I mentioned in a previous newsletter. I have been using her methods for over a month and I haven't completely failed. Projects are disappearing and meals are planned. This is very important as I gear up for Craft show season starting this month. I don't know who is more excited the kids or me! Wish me luck!


Last newsletter I had you digging in the deep, dark corners to get all your unfinished projects out in the open. We made lists of all that was left to do and got rid of all those that will never be done. I know some of us have piles that are completely overwhelming. Think of what motivates you and work a plan. Mine was to take all the stuff that needed to be joined and pre-baste it all with quilt safety pins, attaching yarn and a needle to it. Whenever I had to go to an appointment I took one item with me. It is easy to grab on the way out the door. Buttons got you down? Maybe treat yourself to a dressmaker/alterations expert or dry cleaner. They may have the perfect buttons in stock and will take care of the whole pile for you. Some places will even give a bulk discount if you ask nicely and have a very large pile.
Look for more hints in following newsletters.

Learn a New Stitch

Double seed stitch

This easy favorite is found everywhere, even a "filler" stitch in fisherman sweaters.
K = knit, P = purl, Rpt to end = repeat pattern between the *'s
On an even number of stitches:
Row 1: * K1, P1 * Rpt to end
Row 2: same as row 1
Row 3: * P1, K1 * Rpt to end
Row 4: same as row 3

Repeat these 4 rows for the pattern

Yarn of the Newsletter

Washed sample is on the right.
Today's yarn is: Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick
Weight: Super bulky, 100 yards in solid, 75 yards in prints
Needle size recommended: size 11 US (8mm.)
Fiber content: 91% acrylic/9% rayon
Wrap: none
Gauge listed: 2 STS x 4 rows = 1"
Actual gauge: 8 STS x 11 rows = 4"
Washing instructions: Hand wash
Gauge after washing: 8 STS x 13 rows = 4"
Abuse test: I got a whole lot of loose fibers.
I paid $7.99 for this yarn.
Where to buy: Go to your local yarn shop first.

Personal thoughts: I like it for limited use. With heavy wear the yarn lost a lot of fuzz. I would be worried about bald spots occurring in a favorite sweater.

Use suggestions:  It is so snugly I would use it for a scarf or a beautiful throw. It would also make a dramatic accent on a cape or sweater.

Project for Chenille Thick and Quick

Note: Take extra care in using this yarn. It cannot be unraveled and reused.
This soft yarn is perfect for a cowl neck type of scarf. Here is a pattern that takes only one skein.
See it here:

Needle size: Size 13 US ( MM)

Cast on 50 STS.
Row 1: * K1, P1 * Rpt to end
Row 2: same as row 1

Repeat these 2 rows until you have 8 " from CO row. BO very loosely.
If you need to, use a larger size needle to bind off.
Sew sides together so you have a tube to fit over your head.

History of Knitting

The 20's were a time of incredible changes in fashion. Women were entering the work force in large numbers due to the First World War. Also, due to the war, there was a shortage of luxury materials. The impractical frills of the Victorian Era had lost their meaning in this new time. A more boyish shape with a low waist became popular. Tennis sweaters and cricket sweaters gained a large male and female following. Silk and Wool were knitted into long line jackets and trimmed with fox, monkey or mohair. Beautiful beadwork started appearing on sweaters, sometimes with real pearls and other semi-precious beads. Black was a favorite color sometimes used as a backdrop for creams, peaches or other neutral colors. The introduction of rayon yarn brought the look of silk to those who could not afford the real thing. Fashion prints were very popular and have preserved these fashions for us to enjoy today.


Hope you enjoyed this little mini newsletter! I hope you all have a
great Mother's Day! 



I try to answer all questions, friendly chat, or anything else.


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