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Knittingnews - October 20

Oct. 20 Issue

In This Issue:

Free Pattern - 4th Square in Series
Free Pattern - Preemie Incubator blanket
History of Knitting - Movable Type Printing Press
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Hello everyone! I'm so excited for the upcoming holidays. This has been an eventful last several months, made special by the new arrival of baby Lauren on April 10th. She is a real beauty and so sweet. We are easily adjusting to life with our new addition. Yes, there is so much more housework and laundry to do, but it is all worth it in the end. Even the new baby is a good sleeper, so I still get a little time to myself to unwind after a whirlwind day. I get to pick up my latest project and work away all my tensions. I look forward to a grand holiday season and wish the same for you too!

Free Knitting Pattern:
4th Square In Series

Square #4 is here! This square features a dropped stitch.  It is a beautiful crocus type pattern that is highly textured and a great addition to our blanket. 

If you are new to this newsletter, please go to and look at the previous newsletters to get the earlier squares.

Supplies: size 8(5mm), 1 oz worsted weight yarn, and tapestry needle to weave in ends.

Key: CO = cast on, BO = bind off, M1 = make 1 stitch by picking up yarn between stitches, ST (S) = stitch (es), P = purl, K = knit, *, RPT to end = repeat pattern between *'s, PM = place marker
Seed Stitch = Row #1: * K1, P1* repeat to end, Row #2: K all P STS, and P all K STS. Repeat row #2 for pattern.

Note: This Pattern has an all around border of seed stitch (top, bottom, and both sides). It helps to use the markers after the 1st 3 seed stitches and before the last 3 seed stitches. This will help in keeping the center design count.

CO 42 STS. Work in seed stitch for 4 rows. Next row work 3 STS in Seed St, PM start on Row 1 of center pattern. Work till last 3 STS, PM work 3 STS in Seed St.

Center Pattern:
Row 1: K2, M1, * K1, P2, K2, P2, K1, M1, * RPT 3 times more, K2.
Row 2: P4, K2, P2, K2, * P3, K2, P2, K2, * RPT 3 times more, P4.
Row 3: K4, P2, K2, P2, * K3, P2, K2, P2, * RPT 3 times more, K4.
Repeat rows 2 & 3 twice more.
Row 8: P2, drop next ST so it unravels down 7 rows, * P1,
K2, P2, K2, P1, drop 1 ST, * RPT 3 times more, P2.
Row 9: K3, P2, * K2, P2, * RPT 6 times more, K3.
Row 10: P3, K2, * P2, K2, * RPT 6 times more, P3.
Row 11: K3, P2, K1, M1, K1, P2, * K2, P2, K1, M1, K1, P2, * RPT 2 times more, K3.
ROW 12: P3, K2, P3, K2, * P2, K2, P3, K2, * RPT 2 times more, P3.
ROW 13: K3, P2, K3, P2, * K2, P2, K3, P2, * RPT 2 times more, K3.
Repeat rows 12 & 13 twice more.
ROW 18: P3, K2, P1, Drop 1 ST, P1, K2, * P2, K2, P1, Drop 1 ST, P1, K2, * RPT 2 times more, P3.
Row 19: K3, P2, * K2, P2, * RPT 6 times more, K3.
Row 20: P3, K2, * P2, K2, * RPT 6 times more, P3.
Repeat rows 1 to 20 twice more.

Work 3 rows in seed stitch, removing markers, BO all STS.


History of Knitting

The first movable type printing press was created back in 1450 by
Guttenberg. William Canton set up the first public movable type printing press in England in 1476. This important invention helped to shape modern knitting. In the past patterns were handed down through families or shared locally. Printing meant that patterns could be sold commercially. Women not related to the designer could purchase new and unusual designs. Designing patterns became a new creative profession. By the 1700's there were many patterns available. Popular designs included Opera caps, shawls, nightcaps, tea cozies, suspenders, and bags.


Free Knitting Pattern
Preemie Incubator Blanket

Having a beautiful and  healthy baby makes me realize how lucky I am. There are so many things I am grateful for that I love giving back. This following pattern is one I wrote for donations of preemie incubator blankets to a NICU center.  There small size fits easily into the incubator and they can be used after the baby grows larger as a burp cloth or as a security blanket. The best part is one skein of Lion Brand Homespun makes 2 blankets! 

Supplies: 1/2 skein Lion brand Homespun (I used nursery print),
Size 10 (6mm) needles, Size K 10 1/2 (6 1/2 mm) crochet hook, and tapestry needle to weave in ends.

Key: CO = cast on, ST(S) = stitch(es), K = knit, P = purl,
BO = bind off, SC = single crochet, RS = right side, WS = wrong side.

Gauge: 5 STS = 2"

Using knitting needles CO 40 STS.
Work in Garter Stitch (K all STS) until piece measures 11 3/4 " long.
BO all STS
Using crochet hook SC evenly around blanket, crocheting 3 SC into each corner stitch, so piece lies flat.
Weave in ends.

Variation: work same as above except using stockinet stitch instead of garter stitch (K all RS STS, P all WS STS).


Sites to Visit

It's knitting season and a young woman's fancy turns to...yarn sales, well it is just as good as buying shoes! Here are some great places to find some of the good stuff and prepare for the gift -giving season. Here are some places I really like:

Sites to visit:

If you are traveling this summer make note of:
They have a listing of many local yarn shops listed by state. If you don't see your favorite one listed, email them to add it!

Also of great importance is the by state listing of craft fairs:
Click on the country calendar for listings


Thank you everyone for your encouraging emails and comments. I look forward to any comments you wish to share with me. Please email them to:

I answer all emails!
Enjoy this holiday season!

Peace and love,

To sign up for this unique newsletter, simply send an email to

 We look forward to having you join our ever-increasing group of satisfied subscribers.

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