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We Recommend:

Knitting In America
 by Melanie Falick and
 Chris Hartlove (Pht)
An inspiring and revealing look into knitting in America, including intimate portraits of spinners, dyers, an breeders of fiber-producing animals. Includes thirty original patterns by America's top knitting designers and 150 full-color photos.

Knitting In Plain English
  by Maggie Righetti
Whether you're a knitting professional or are just picking up the skill, Knitting in Plain English should be bible. Drawing on 20 years of experience, Righetti provides easily understood instructions for knitters at all levels of expertise. This valuable sourcebook will soon become a well-thumbed and thouroughly loved companion. Illustrated.

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac; Projects For Each Month Of The Year
 Elizabeth Zimmermann
Elizabeth's well-known humor and love of the craft shines in this inexpensive classic. Projects include full instructions plus the why's of the art - so you build your skills as you create!

knitting in america
Knitting In Plain English Cover
EZ's Knitters Almanac
Cropoint, crochet patterns

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Hot Find:

Have you ever wished you could create a picture on an afghan without having a "bad side" full of unsightly and uncomfortable knots? So have we - which is why we're so excited about this month's Hot Find. These two books, Introducing Cropoint and Grampy Doodles teach a revolutionary crochet technique that allows you to duplicate any counted cross-stitch or needlework pattern in crochet, without knots! It's simple, it's easy, but it's gorgeous! Once you read these, you'll be amazed that you never thought of this before!

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