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Like free craft patterns? This is the place! Every week, we will post a new craft pattern taken from one of Krause Publcations popular craft books with topics from scrapbooking to quilting and everything in between. So, be sure to check back here every week for a new free craft pattern from Krause. 

All patterns are archived for 4 weeks.

Our fourth set of patterns is featured in Krause Publications book The Complete Guide To Glues & Adhesives. In 1995, Tammy Young's The Crafter's Guide to Glues took the crafting world by storm. Now, Tammy has teamed up with Nancy Ward for this full-color follow-up that covers everything crafters and artists need to know about glues and adhesives currently on the market, including their uses and applications. Besides presenting the basics, like safety, there are nearly 30 quick and easy step-by-step projects.

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The Complete Guide To Glues & Adhesives Book

This weeks free craft pattern:
The Complete Guide To Glues & Adhesives: Fancy Jeans

Fancy Jeans

Embellished clothing is back in style, and jeans are at the top of the list. Applying embellishments to plain jeans not only provides a custom look, but it's also a great money saver.

You Will Need

  • Jeans
  • Trims of your choice*
  • Warm Company Steam-a-Steam 2:1/2inch wide tape
  • Iron and Ironing board
  • Scissors, white tissue paper, cotton swab*
  • Saint Louis Trimming Applique Art (trim and appliqués) was used in the example.

** Set iron at temperature recommended by the manufacturer listed on tape's package.

1. Wash and press jeans. Measure around one bottom cuff; double the measurement and add 1/2 inch to that measurement. Cut a piece of trim in that length and cut that piece in half. Each piece of trim will be the measurement of a bottom cuff, plus 1/4 inch.

2. Place Steam a Steam 2 on the wrong side of the trim, along the upper edge. Finger press in place.

3. Remove the release paper. Butt one end of the trim next to the inner leg seam of one cuff; the lower edge of the trim should not extend beyond the bottom of the cuff. Finger press the trin in place along the cuff of that leg. Fold the second end of the trim back 1/8 inch; cover the folded area with a small (less than 1/4 inch long) piece of Steam a Steam 2. This piece should not extend beyond the end of the trim. Place the folded end over the leg seam and the unfolded end of the trim. Adjust the length of the trim if necessary. When adjustments are complete, finger press the trim in place again. Fuse the trim to the cuff. Use the tip of the iron to securely fuse the folded end of the trim.

4. Repeat for second leg

5. Place the appliqués, wrong side up, on a flat surface. Cut pieces of tape in length needed to cover the appliqués; place them, with the sides touching, on the back of the appliqués. Finger press the pieces of tape in place. Remove the release paper and gently pull away any fusible extending beyond the edges of the appliqués.

6. Position the appliqués on the jeans (the example shows one at the top of the pocket, and the other on a leg.) Finger press in place.

7. Cover the appliqués with a double thickness of tissue paper. Fuse to the jeans; immediately pick up the tissue paper. If any fusible is still visible along the outer edges of the appliqués, use a new piece of tissue paper to cover them and use the tip of the iron to press those areas. Any tissue paper remaining on the jeans can be removed with a wet cotton swab.

This pattern is just one of the many you will find in Krause's The Complete Guide To Glues & Adhesives.

Each week we present a new free craft pattern. We then archive them for 4 weeks. 
To see previously published free craft patterns, click here.


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