American Girl Doll Clothing:
Knitting & Crochet Patterns

Why spend hundreds on outfits for American Girl and other 18" dolls?  These versatile American Girl knitting and crochet patterns are the perfect way to inexpensively create a fun and attractive wardrobe.

We have recently released a collection of 3 totally new American Girl patterns from a hot new designer! Click here to see the new patterns.

American Girl Doll Clothing Pattern Index

Wardrobe Sets:
Complete Wardrobe Set
- Scandinavian Wardrobe Set
- Winter Collection
- Party Ensemble
- Casual Set
- Holiday Set

American Girl Dress
- Tea Party Dress
- Red & White Dress
- Dress & Pinafore Set
- Green & White Dress

Sweater Sets:
- Blue & White Cardigan & Skirt Set
- Cardigan & Trouser Set
- Knickers & Cardigan Set

Skirt & Top Sets:
Skirt & Blouse Set
- Sweater/Skirt Set with Fluffy Dog Pattern
- Sweater/Skirt with Scottie Dog Pattern

Jogging Sets:

Jogging Set
- Crochet Jogging Set with Hat


Play Clothes:
- Play Suit
Poncho & Trouser Set
- Chenille Jumper Set
- Knickers & Cardigan Set

Crocheted Patterns:

- Crochet Jogging Set w/Hat

Evening Outfits:
Evening Outfits

Machine Knitting Patterns
- Scandinavian Wardrobe Set
- Lace Dress
- Valentine Heart Dress
- Woven Coat and Hat
- Ram-Decorated Dress
- Ruffled Easter Dress

Knitted Patterns for other
types of dolls:

Beanie Baby
Bitty Baby
Cabbage Patch


American Girl Knitting Patterns

American Girl Winter Collection:

This adorable winter set contains everything an American Girl Doll would need to keep warm and cozy on a cold winter day while still providing her with a sense of style. This pattern set includes eleven items: sweater, pants, dress, vest, handbag, dress coat and hat, beret, cap, scarf and mittens.

Order #: 1180:
Price:   $7.95




Complete American Girl Wardrobe Set:

chenille jumper american girl knitting patterns8-piece knitted wardrobe gives children a full set of outfits for their doll.  Patterns include Chenille Jumper, Striped Sweater,  Sweater, Skirt, Scotty Dog Sweater and Skirt, Hat, Scarf and Mittens.

Order #: 1161
Price:     $7.95  






American Girl Scandinavian Wardrobe Set:

scandinavian american girl knitting patternsDelightfully intricate, yet easily knitted American Girl Sweater, Skirt and Hat set.  These knitting patterns are perfect for Kirsten or any other American Girl doll you wish to keep toasty and warm.  Similar to the Kirsten outfit that you see in the American Girl catalogs.

Order #: 1142
Price:     $7.95  






American Girl Casual Set:

Looking for casual clothes that make a statement? This set provides a variety of casual outfits perfect for everything from exercising to attending a party. These items are suitable to wear on any outing and comfortable enough to wear at home. This set includes nine items: blouse, skirt, sweater, jumper, shirt, shorts, leg warmers, headband, and friendship bracelet.

Order #: 1182
Price:    $7.95





American Girl Party Ensemble:

No one can pass up this cute ensemble! It is perfect for luncheons and tea parties or just to have fun in the sun. This pattern set contains five must have items for any occasion: cable sweater, skirt, cap, ruffled dress and matching bonnet.

Order #: 1181
Price:   $7.95





American Girl Evening Outfits:






Have the best-dressed party dolls around! 9-pattern set, including V-neck Dress, Bolero Jacket, Shoes, Purse, Glittery Fan Barrette, Fitted Skirt, Boat Neck Tunic, Headscarf and Backpack. 

Order #: 1921
Price:     $7.95  



American Girl Jogging Set:

jogging american girl knitting patternsHave the fittest looking American Girl doll in town.  Kids will love the results from this knitting pattern for a hooded Jogging Jacket and Pants set.

Order #: 1165
Price:      $4.95  








American Girl Cardigan and Trouser Set:

Need an outfit to bundle up your bitty baby or a stylish set for your American Girl doll? This is the outfit for you.  This set includes all the necessities for that perfect ensemble: a delightful collared cardigan, trousers, and matching booties. 

Order #: 1943
Price:   $7.95            


American Girl Dress:

This is the ideal doll dress to wear to church and/or that Sunday drive.  This set includes a pattern for a long sleeve dress, matching panties, and booties.

Order # 1944
Price:  $7.95     


American Girl Tea Party Dress:

This darling doll dress would be fun to wear to an afternoon tea party.  The diamond pattern in the skirt makes this one a must have!  Pattern includes panties and matching booties with socks.

Order #: 1941
Price:    $7.95       


American Girl Striped Dress:

This lovely dress is so original that it is almost a guaranty that no other doll will have such a combination.  This must have pattern includes the dress, matching bonnet, panties, socks, and booties.

Order #: 1946
Price:   $7.95      


American Girl Dress and Pinafore Set:

Who wouldn't love this dress and pinafore set!  The intricate pinafore accentuates the beauty of this dress.  What an ideal dress for that upcoming doll party. This darling pattern includes the dress, pinafore, matching panties, socks and booties.

Order #: 1945
Price:   $7.95       




 American Girl Ruffled Sleeve Dress:

This is definitely a great dress to for a doll to frolic in the sunflowers at a garden party. The scalloped border and ruffled sleeves original to this dress are an eye catching feature.  This set includes the dress, matching socks and booties. 

Order #: 1948
Price:   $7.95



American Girl Knickers and Cardigan Set:

(Can be worn two different ways)

Need a doll outfit for that afternoon sandcastle contest?  No need to look further.  These knickers are perfect for wading in the water.  Make sure to have sunscreen along.  Pattern includes a short-sleeved cardigan and knickers.

Order #: 1947
Price:   $7.95      



American Girl Skirt and Blouse Set:

This stunning eight-piece ensemble is a need to top off even the most equipped doll wardrobe . Pattern set includes bonnet, blouse, skirt, matching panties, socks, and booties.

Order #: 1949
Price:    $7.95      



American Girl Cardigan and Skirt Set:

chenille jumper american girl knitting patterns

This is the perfect doll outfit for an outing at the park!  The set includes patterns for a short-sleeved cardigan, ruffled skirt, matching panties, and a pair of booties. 

Order #: 1942  
Price:  $7.95




American Girl Play Suit:

Need a comfortable two-piece play suit for your American Girl Doll? Look no further. This ensemble includes a short-sleeved shirt with a ruffled yoke, knickers, and booties to match. It is the perfect ensemble to complete an American Girl and Bitty Baby doll's summer wardrobe.

Order #: 1950


American Girl Summer Jumpsuit:

This must have play suit is perfect for those hot summer days. Set includes patterns for a jumpsuit and fashionable button booties.

Order #: 1951
Price:   $7.95          


American Girl Poncho and Trouser Set:

This ensemble is perfect for a brisk windy day any time of the year. The hooded shawl will be sure to keep little ears from having to brave the cold. The set includes patterns for poncho, trousers, socks, and matching booties.

Order #: 1952
Price:    $7.95             


American Girl Chenille Jumper Set:

chenille jumper american girl knitting patterns Attractive knitting pattern for an American Girl Chenille Jumper Set and Striped Sweater combination is perfect for play or casual doll occasions.

Order #: 1146
Price:      $4.95 






American Girl Sweater/Skirt Set with Fluffy Dog Pattern:

fluffy dog sweater american girl knitting patternsAmerican Girl Sweater knitting pattern with a fuzzy dog embroidered on the front plus an attractive elastic-waisted Skirt.  Matching girl's pattern also available  Click here to see matching pattern.

Order #: 1151
Price:      $4.95 





American Girl Sweater/Skirt with Scottie Dog Pattern:

scottie American Girl Sweater knitting pattern with a Scottie dog on the front plus an attractive elastic-waisted Skirt.  Matching girl's pattern also available  Click here to see matching pattern.

Order #: 1152
Price:      $4.95   





Holiday Knitting Patterns


Holiday American Girl Pattern Set:

ag christmas This delightful set comes with a Christmas Tree Sweater, Skirt, Hat Scarf and Gloves. It's the perfect outfit set for those cold holiday evenings!  Sweater can also be knit without the tree for an attractive year-round sweater. 

Order #: 1175
Price:  $5.95






Crochet Patterns


American Girl Crochet Jogging Set With Hat

jacket american girl knitting patterns Crochet pattern for American Girl Jogging Jacket, Pants and Flower -Trimmed hat makes this the perfect outfit for fit American Girl dolls.

Order #: 1128
Price:      $5.95 







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