Bitty Baby Clothing
Knitting Patterns

Now you and your loved ones can have the best-dressed Bitty Babies in town with clothing patterns that are as much fun to play with as they are to make!

These knitting patterns are quick, easy and inexpensive to make. They're the perfect knitting patterns for gift-giving, or for starter projects to teach children how to knit.

We have just released three new Bitty Baby Patterns from a hot new designer. Click here to see the new patterns!

Bitty Baby Patterns

Knitting Patterns:
Bitty Baby Cardigan
Bitty Baby Christening Dress
Bitty Baby Dress
Bitty Baby Pramset
Sweater Outfit
Green Sweater Outfit
Bitty Baby Jumpsuit
Wardrobe Set
Flower Trimmed Bunting
Holiday Pattern Set

Quick to Knit Set
Lace Angel Top
Sacque and Bonnet
Jogging Suit

Bitty Baby Clothing Knitting Patterns

Bitty Baby Dress and Pinafore Set:

Who wouldn't love this dress and pinafore set!  The intricate pinafore accentuates the beauty of this dress.  What an ideal dress for that upcoming doll party. This darling pattern includes the dress, pinafore, matching panties, socks and booties.

Order #: 1945
Price:   $7.95



Bitty Baby Cardigan:

The perfect cardigan to keep any doll warm and fashionable all at the same time. Pattern for booties included also.

Order #: 1961
Price:    $7.95         



Bitty Baby Christening Gown:

An absolutely beautiful dress ideal for any doll's christening day. This dress would make any Mother proud! Pattern includes full-length dress, matching panties and booties.

Order #: 1962
Price:   $7.95



Bitty Baby Dress:

Any child would have a ball dressing up her Bitty Baby from head to toe in this fun ensemble.  Pattern includes bonnet, dress, matching panties and booties.

Order #: 1963
Price:  $7.95



Bitty Baby Pramset:

This adorable set is perfect to bundle any bitty baby.  The cute pants have connected booties to keep feet warm on those cold nights.  This pattern includes the sweater and pants pattern.

Order #: 1964
Price:   $7.95



Bitty Baby Jumpsuit:

Your doll won't get cold all snuggled up in this adorable one piece, collared jumpsuit. The attached booties are wonderful to keep tiny toes toasty.

Order #: 1965
Price:   $7.95


Bitty Baby Green Sweater Outfit:

This adorable pramset adorned with coordinating ribbons is a must have for any proud bitty baby mother. Set includes hooded sweater, pants and matching mittens and booties.

Order #: 1966
Price:   $7.95       


Bitty Baby Sweater Outfit:

This three piece pramset is perfect for those chilly nights. The button down top can be layered with an undershirt or worn alone. The matching booties are sure to keep any baby doll happy. 
Set includes: sweater, pants, and matching booties.

Order #: 1968
Price:   $7.95


Bitty Baby Doll Wardrobe Set:

overalls & dress14 quick adorable knitting patterns give you a full Bitty Baby Doll Wardrobe including: Slipover Sweater, Pants, Tank Top, Shorts, Overalls, Striped Shirt, Dress, Panties, Bonnet, Booties, Jacket, Pants, Sunsuit, and a Bib.

Order #: 1750
Price:   $7.95




Bitty Baby Quick-To-Knit Set:

bit baby quick knits10 quick and easy knitting patterns for Bitty Babies, including Slipover Sweater, Pants, Shorts, Skirt, Ruffled Skirt, Sunsuit, Bib, Hat, Scarf and Mittens

Order #: 1753     
Price:      $7.95 





Bitty Baby Flower Trimmed Bunting:

bit baby buntingEasy Bitty Baby knitting pattern with accent stripes and ribbon carnations.

Order #: 1741
Price:      $4.95   






Bitty Baby Lace Angel Top:

bit bab lace angel topThis adorable outfit includes the top, diaper cover, booties and bonnet.

Order #: 1743
Price:      $4.95   







Bitty Baby Easy-Knit Sacque and Bonnet:

bitbab sacqueSuper-easy and fast knitting pattern.

Order #:  1745
Price:      $4.95    





Bitty Baby Jogging Suit:

bit baby joggingSimple and fast knitting pattern.

Order #: 1748
Price:      $4.95   




Bitty Baby Quick-To-Knit Holiday Pattern Set:

This easily knitted Bitty Baby Holiday set is the
perfect gift for a Bitty Baby ownbit bab christmaser with a T-shirt,
Diaper Cover, Hat Scarf and Mittens.

Order #: 1775
Price:  $5.95





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