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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about being a vendor for the Craft Mall

How do I get paid?
By the 10th of each month we will send you a check for your total sales from the previous month, less our 20% sales commission.

What about shipping and handling costs?
You must include shipping and handling costs in the price of the item that you put in the mall. 

Show me the details of how I should compute my prices
Let's suppose that you want to get $20 from an item you put in the mall and it costs you $3.00 to ship it. Here's how you would calculate the price you will need to charge on the mall:
($20 + $3 shipping) / .8 = $28.75. Or if you work better with words than numbers: Add the amount you want to get from the craft and the amount it will cost you to ship it together.  Then divide that total by .8 (that's "point eight").  The result will be the amount that you need to charge for your product.

So that you are aware, we charge a small handling fee from the consumer. This covers our order-processing and accounting charges.

What about international orders?
At this time we do not take non-US orders. You may receive notification that you have received an international order via email.  That notification is generated automatically. Ignore it. We will cancel the order with the customer and refund the amount to their card and you will not be obligated to ship the order. We do this because we don't want to force all of our craft vendors to deal with the hassles and costs associated with international shipments.

How do you handle returns?
We accept returns from the customer within 21 days from the order date.  We require the consumer to contact us to get a Return Authorization Number. We will then have them ship the product directly back to you.  We will deduct 80% of the selling price from your next check. If your next check isn't large enough to cover the return, we will charge your credit card for the difference.

For your information, we charge the consumer a 10% restocking fee to cover our processing costs.

When do I have to ship the product?
We require shipment within 2 business days of the order, except in rare situations like the item being custom-made for the order. We recommend your keeping at least one of each item that you place into the mall in inventory to enable quick shipment. Please let us know if you have any situations that may prevent this.

Review how the order process works

  • The consumer places an order.
  • You immediately recieve a copy of the order via email to enable you to prepare the order.
  • Within one working day you will recieve a packing slip via email.  You must include that with your order.
  • You ship the product to the consumer.
  • On the tenth of the next month we will send you a check for all of your sales from the previous month, less our 20% sales commission.

What about sales tax? is the store selling the product, not you, so we will take care of all the applicable sales tax. You don't have to worry about it at all!

More questions? Email us here

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