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May Knittingnews

Each month,'s free email-delivered knitting newsletter, Knittingnews, offers knitting tips, information, pattern searches and at least one free pattern. 

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Beanie Baby:
Prince Costume for Leaps The Frog
Teenie Beanie Sweater

American Girl Dolls:
Western Vest and Skirt

Barbie Dolls:
Bow-Trimmed Sundress

Other types of dolls:
Rompers & Panties for 4-5" Dolls
Tiny Hearts Sweater for 12-14" Baby Dolls

Other Patterns:
Fast to Knit Dishcloth
Indoor Beach Ball
Knit a Heart
Christmas Towel

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Knittingnews - May

Here's the latest edition of the Knitting News Newsletter
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Knitting News
In this issue:
     Craft & Knitting Websites
     Trends and Fashions
     Pattern Requests
     Knitting Tips - ideas for doll clothes
     Beanie Baby Updates:
     It's Summertime (it is?) Patterns

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Trends and Fashions

April flowers bring May showers - I know, I know it's supposed to be the other way around.  But not in Boise this year!  It has rained more in May alone than the entire 5 previous months I've lived here.  But, summer really is on the way, I'm sure.  How is the weather throughout the rest of the country?

This month we will focus on some summer patterns and some really easy and fast things to make - the types of projects there might be time to complete in our busy summer months.  Be sure to read the whole newsletter to find the hidden patterns.

Summer clothes are still showing up in the fashion magazines, which is good since we haven't quite gotten there yet.  Sometimes the fashion magazines move a little too fast, but not this time.  Flowers, pink and pastel blues are very popular, and have always been my favorites. Mademoiselle June issue has a cute summer top on the front cover that would be easy to convert to a knit version. Beads or sequins could randomly be sewn on; or if you know the technique of knitting with beads, it could be done that way.  Now is the time to make those cute little summer tops and cotton sweaters for the cooler days or evenings.  Sweaters and knits are very much IN this summer.  Check out Vogue Knitting for some cute styles too.

Please be sure to write if you are looking for a specific pattern.  We are working on establishing a network between readers to be a resource for anything related to needlecrafts.  I will answer all correspondence, so even if it's just to tell me how the weather is in your part of the country, be sure to write!

There is a creative solution to every problem.  In fact, the creative thinker gets as excited about problems as other people do about solutions.

JUST FOR FUN!!!!!!  
Check out this website: There will be quiz on this later.....

Pattern Requests
Each month, Knittingnews includes pattern requests from its subscribers.  Those are not reprinted here, as they have already been fulfilled.

-----------------------------------------'s offerings are continually growing and improving. Here are some areas you may want to check out!

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Free Patterns:
Western Vest and Skirt
Fits American Girl Dolls or 16-18" teddy bears

Materials:  Three ounces of tan or brown knitting worsted, knitting needles No. 8, cord elastic for skirt, crochet hook size F.

Beginning at waist, cast on 60 sts.  Work in k1,p1 ribbing for 4 rows. Next Row:  *K1, inc 1, rep from * across.  Now work even in St st until total length is 5-1/2 inches.  Knit 2 rows.  Bind off in knit.

Finishing: Sew back seam.  Weave elastic through ribbed waistband sts on the wrong side.  Fringe lower edge, trim fringe evenly.

Back:  Beg at lower edge, cast on 36.  Work even in St st until total length is 2-1/2 inches.  Armhole Shaping: Bind off 4 sts beg next 2 rows.  Work even until armhole measures 3 inches.  Bind off 8 sts beg next 2 rows for shoulders.  Bind off rem sts for back of neck. Left Front: Cast on 18 sts.  Work in St st until length is 2-1/2 inches, end on the right side.  Armhole shaping:  Bind off 5 sts beg next row.  Following row:  Dec 1 st, purl across.  Continue in St st, decreasing 1 st beg every purl row until 8 sts rem.  Work even until armhole measures 3 inches.  Bind off. 
Right Front:  Work as for left front, reversing shapings. 

Finishing:  Sew shoulder and side seams.  Single crochet around armholeas and around outside edges.  Fringe lower edge of vest.

This month our focus is small projects. Barbie clothes are about as small as one can get, but the end product is well received by Barbie-lovers.  Some very intricate fashions can be created using small needles and fine yarn.  Our Barbie Sportswear and Designer Fashions have a number of patterns that are made this way - and some easier styles as well.  A solution to the problem of finding buttons that are small enough to be in proportion with the garment is to use beads.  Gold beads make really nice buttons for coats, pearl beads look great on blouses. In most cases there is no need to make buttonholes; the beads will easily poke through the knitted fabric. Special sewing hint: After securing the bead with a few stitches, bring needle to top of fabric, just underneath bead.  Then wind the thread tightly around the other threads that are securing the bead and push needle through to back of fabric; secure and fasten off.

In honor of the Teenie Beanies at McDonalds:
Teenie Beanie Sweater

Materials:  Small amount each of red and blue sport yarn, knitting needles No. 6, crochet hook size E, white star button. Beg at neck with red, cast on 30 sts.  Work in k1,p1 ribbing for 4 rows. Working in St st, bind off 8 sts beg next 2 rows.  Work even in St st for 8 rows.  Dec 1 st each side every other row 3 times.  Bind off. Finishing: Sew neck ribbing together with right side together.  With blue and crochet hook, sc around outside edge.  Sew button to the center of the back of the sweater.

 Can't find a Beanie Baby and want one?  Try the website and read through the classifieds there.   If you visit, you will be among the more than one billion visitors to that website.....incredible!

Scandanavian Knitting is a very ancient craft.  Some of the earliest knitting known is of Norwegian origin. Heavily patterned, much of the Norwegian work is knitted in the round, giving the knitter the advantage of being able to see the pattern as it grows.  Designs are typically based on pine trees, deer and stylized figures. Caps, mittens, stockings and sweaters are the garments most often knitted.  Originally, designs were knitted in black and white but today, all colors are used.

 See our pattern list for a cute Striped Sundress for girls.  It can also be viewed at the website,

Bow-trimmed Sundress for Barbie or Skipper

Materials: Fingering or baby yarn, any color, knitting needles No. 2

Dress (Worked in one piece):  Begin at upper edge, cast on 44 sts.  Work in k1,p1 ribbing for 1-1/2 inches, end on right side.  Next row:  k2tog across. Purl one row. Continue in St st for 2 more rows.  Next row:  Inc 1 st in ea st across.  Now work even in St st until piece measures 4 inches.  Bind off. Sew back seam. Bow:  Cast on 10 sts. Work in St st for 7 rows.  P2tog across.  Work 2 rows even.  Inc in ea st across on next row.  Work even in St st for 6 rows.  Bind off.  For center piece of bow, cast on 4 sts.  Work in St st for 3 rows.  Bind off.  Steam press pieces.  Wrap center piec of bow around main section and sew to the dress at top of ribbing on center front.

Well, until next month....which will definitely be summer,
Happy Knitting!


To sign up for this unique newsletter, simply send an email to

 We look forward to having you join our ever-increasing group of satisfied subscribers.

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