Craft MarketingPowerTM:
Craft Marketing
That Sells Crafts!

Would you like to:

    Sell more crafts?

    Make more money?

    Spend less time selling crafts, and more time crafting?

But you don't have the, time, technical knowledge, or the money necessary to do it yourself?

We hear you! In fact, we've been in the same situation ourselves. 

That's why we've created the Craft MarketingPowerTM System -- to provide you with you all the tools you need to market your crafts to the millions of craft buyers on the Internet, without the time, knowledge, and expense of doing it yourself!

What It Is?

Craft MarketingPowerTM is a tiered system of free and low-cost tools to more effectively market your crafts. All of these tools are:

  • Easy to use - requiring no technical or programming knowledge, most don't even require you to have access to the Internet!
  • Quick response - available, depending on the tool, within 2 hours to 7 days.
  • Inexpensive - most cost much less than a single night of eating out and pay for themselves with the sell of 1-2 additional products.
  • Effective - these are the exact same techniques that all of the most successful craft marketers are using to generate thousands of sales annually.

Who Should Use It?

Craft MarketingPower is perfect for:

  • Home crafters who want another way to effectively market their crafts
  • Craft store owners who want to sell more of their products
  • Craft show organizers who want to fill their booths with crafters and their aisles with buyers
  • Suppliers of crafting supplies and information who want to target their marketing against the crafting community
  • Those who don't have a website, but who want access to the millions of potential buyers with access to the net
  • Those who do have a website, who want to generate more traffic, through marketing on one of the most popular crafting sites on the net.
  • In short - anyone who wants to sell more crafts and make more money!

How Does It Work?

Craft MarketingPower offers a number of packages, each designed to build your sales:

free burst gif

Craft Classifieds - The Basic Listing

For a limited time only, we are allowing totally free classified ads to be posted to our new site. High word limits, loads of categories, and no cost. But this won't last forever. Sometime in the future, once traffic starts picking up, we will begin charging for this service. So don't wait. Post your ad now.

Cost: Free
Renewable every three months, (you will receive an email notification 30 days before expiration, reminding you to renew your ad.)

View the ads

Craft Classifieds - Plus Pack Listing

Coming sometime in the future. For now, it's free of charge.

low cost burst
low cost burst

Deluxe Web Pack

Now you can create a real storefront business on the web, for less than $20 per month!

In the Deluxe Web Pack you get:

Up to 3 web pages, containing a total of 6 pictures (pictures used more than once, like logos, count as one picture each), up to 500 words of copy per page, and a secure order form. People can see your product, read about it, and place an order. Orders will be transferred directly to you via email. You simply process their payment, and ship their order.

You choose the site style - borders, backgrounds, link bars, etc. It becomes your page! (Sample site styles coming soon)

A free 30 minute consultation with an internet marketing specialist on how to power up your online craft marketing plan (a $200 value)

- A free Plus Pack Craft Classified ad, linked to your page, which you can edit at any time you wish

- A free listing in our craft products directory (a $10 per month value)

200 free Banner Ad exposures per month (a $10 monthly value) on the Craftfinder Link Exchange network

A 50% discount for purchases of Banner Ads (saving you $25 per thousand ads purchased)

Free search engine submission by hand to each of the 9 different search engines (a $19.95 value)

A free online discussion group (not a chat group) ($5 per month value)

2 free sets of changes to your site (a $10 value)

One free autoresponder, enabling you to have an automated email robot, instantly returning your message to anyone who sends an email to that address (a $4 monthly value)

One free classified ad in one of our monthly email-delivered newsletters (a $30 value)

A 20% Discount on Listserver rental, enabling you to run your own automated email newsletter or online discussion group (a $3 per month value)

A 20% discount on credit card application fee (a $19 value)

All of this for only:
Cost: $19.95/month
     $34.95 setup fee (to pay for our time in       programming your pages)
     $10.00 additional setup fee for each
       additional picture we scan.

     +$2.95 per month per additional page if you wish to purchase additional pages

Don't have email? We would be happy to fax or mail orders to you for $1.50 per order. Email us for more information.

Sample sites coming soon!

We also offer:

Web hosting: Run your web site with a specialist. 8 gig transfer per month, 200 meg disk storage, full cgi access, log files, unlimted autoresponders, 5 POP's and much much more for just $20 per month.

Discount Credit Card Services: Some of the lowest rates anywhere! Quick/easy signup, 95% acceptance, home businesses/online encouraged!

Web Page Design: Need more than what you see above? Need full e-commerce capability? We can provide it!

Web marketing: One of our divisions specializes in bringing traffic to web sites. Low cost services available. Guaranteed results!

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